Infrared Sauna

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Proserenity Sauna is more than just a sauna, it bath you with gentle heat all over your body, leaving the head out enjoying fresh oxygen. so if you're the type of person who hates saunas and endures a sauna session rather than enjoying it, this sauna is for you.

the energy can penetrate the skin up to 4 cm until it reaches the layer where toxins and fat are stored, gets them out leaving you more detoxified and leaner than ever.

it is a must for everyone, athletes helps them in muscle recovery and building lean muscles, beauty seekers give them the answer to a firmer brighter more rejuvenated skin, health enthusiasts gives them the tool to detoxify every day, with around a ltr sweat every session gentle detox now is possible, without placing any burden on the digestive system. and for fitness seekers, one session helps you burn around 600 calories every time. a number of calories you can burn only if you run 20 km.